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Life. Living. Pursuit of happiness. What are the processes and who is Inda?

The process of life is living through the process of all the processes, and Survivor Sharing Strength is Inda Process. The idea for changing my name and conceptualized idea came in 2013. The DBA in 2014. At which time everything I read had the words: “the process”.

Those two words provoked in me a bit of a larger view of how every single person is literally in the process of life’s moments second by second. It made me think about the different degrees of what that means. For some, living is a seemingly carefree experience. For others it is a conundrum of events that whirl about year after year.

So let me share with you the enigmatic course of events that brought on the pun for Inda Process and how it relates to being a SurvivorSharingStrength. At times with sarcasm, wit, humor and laughter. Mostly with faith that there is a reason for everything and everything has a greater purpose. The story got really interesting in June of 2014, with impending homelessness. Prior to that time, reaching out to those who may have been able to help prevent that scenario left me completely dependent on the faith of which I profess. Trusting God, believing the Lord had a plan, and being sensitive to the holy spirit; meant taking each step into the unknown.

Without a residence to move to, our belongings found home in a storage unit for a year. Each time I went there and opened that unit, I was overwhelmed by its contents. There was an entire life for me and my child within that storage unit that appeared in front of me in a way that felt like a punch in the stomach. A constant reminder of not having a physical place to call “home”. I’d look at all the boxes, bins, and furniture crammed into that space and wondered, where oh where would home actually be.

Our vehicle didn’t work, so living in the car was not an option. Without a safe place to go, the choice to stay at a friends who assured us that we’d be able to do so in order to save monies for an apartment became the only solution. The intentions were genuine and we were thankful we would not have to go to a shelter. The process of being homeless was arduous, yet we were truly fortunate to not be on the streets.

At first it was an answered prayer. It was also a test of forgiveness, as that friend was my last husband. In many ways the time there fueled hope that our history could be repaired and in caring, healed. In essence there was indeed a renewal or reconciliation of sorts. While being forthcoming about my not wanting a relationship other than purely friendship, that concept proved not attainable for the other person. That complicated things. I found that unfair to him, and more soever difficult as the days went by. So, on the coldest day of winter my son and I had another choice to make. Either he left and I stayed, or we both had to walk out that door. The coldest winter, the dead of night, we had to make a decision.

Taking the high road together, we decided to leave without a place to go. A dear friend of twenty years took my early morning hours phone call and came and got us. We stayed with her and her family for two nights. After that we were housed for nearly two weeks at a conference center that I worked at ten years prior and that was affiliated with my Presbyterian home church. Then onto a family members home for about three months until that too didn’t pan out well, and back to the center for another week or so where we were blessed to have shelter as well as, to have the vehicle repaired to find out it somehow had 5 gallons of water in the gas tank. Next up was staying at a closer relatives home.

In a few more months time frame, we were able to secure temporary employment and saved up monies to move. Another church I was involved with and its members helped us to relocate from the storage unit into the place we’d call home. To say the presence of God was evident, would be an understatement. The most poignant memory I have is being driven in the u-haul truck with an elder from the church that assisted in the move. Together we sang “Amazing Grace” and praised the Lord for His mighty provisions and greater love.

There were many people who were involved in “the process”. Too many to mention and many to whom I’m eternally grateful. From nowhere to somewhere, there were people who provided shelter in their homes, facilities that gave us a safe place to rest our weary souls, to borrowed air mattresses, prepared meals, mechanics that fixed the car, friends that shared stories, laughter and even some tears. The prayer warriors, encouraging moral supporters, and newfound friendships that were formed during our time in the wilderness. Without any of these, we would have been completely hopeless and alone in the adversity.

It is one year since getting a permanent residence. In the process of the processes that it took to get here, we’ve experienced several job losses, identity theft on taxes and some health issues. Yet, there were and still are, numerous blessings upon blessings, carrying us from glory to glory where good came out of most of the hardships along the way. The credit for every need being met goes to God above for His faithfulness in being present with mercy and comfort.

The pursuit of happiness continues as we’ve been facing the ups and downs of living life with gratitude and humility. May our tested faith be that which pleases God as the Lord Jesus leads our path with His light and love. As for Inda Process, well, she has a vision with a mission to inspire others similar to Survivor Sharing Strength, and the processes move forward one step at a time.

Introducing Inda Process

Introducing Inda Process

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God's Child, doing His work, willingly, freely, and for His will and purposes. Permanent Volunteer for Jesus Christ, love to help people, and find that in suffering through many instances of affliction, I have always related to those less fortunate. Helping others to rise above oppression, abuse, poverty, illness, loneliness, injustice, and or any negative emotional responses to that which ails them is compassion that since early childhood I've been blessed to receive. My work with individuals relating to domestic violence and or abuse has been a personal journey of healing and overcoming that which has been around for centuries. Will write more and share insights of what is within myself, so that in sharing with others, perhaps they will become survivors too.
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